Platform and Services

XR Tools for the Earth Observation and Copernicus Ecosystem


Prepare your Geospatial Data for the Immersive Technology Era

Import and explore your geospatial data in popular Virtual and Augmented Reality Platforms

We are developing:

  • custom tools, converters and plugins for importing any kind of EO geodatasets with elevation contexts to popular VR/AR/gaming platforms
  • software modules to automatically fit and combine your data to free or commercial Digital Terrain Models, Point Clouds from photogrammetry, drone mapping, etc.
  • customised data management applications for combining your data with real time data from other sources like:  IoT, field sensors, cloud services, etc


Immersive Lifelike Visualization and Interactivity 

Advanced visualization in real time

We are developing virtual environments automatically generated from your data with the latest game engine toolkits for photorealistic lifelike representation of:

  • landscape, terrain, mountains, geological and morphological features (rivers, valleys, shores, etc.)
  • snow, ice, rain and weather simulation
  • sea and water appearance, simulation of physical phenomena
  • forest and vegetation models, etc.

The virtual environment can use the power of game engine toolkits for advanced animations, physics, timelapses, user driven interactions, event triggered AI, etc.


Design and Deliver User Experience to any Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Platforms

Deploy everywhere

We can design your end user experience for any UX platform

  • Embed your data to well known platforms like Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Lumin SDK, ARCore, ARKit, etc.
  • Generate data driven and location aware 3D Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality environment
  • Choose the best VR/AR/MR Hardware Platform fitting your experience design and user needs
  • Combine your data with other data sources, both static and real-time for enhanced experiences
  • Design a Lifelike Enjoyable User Interaction Experience




Understand your data as never before with our Realtime Spatialytics

Experience data exploration in immersive environment

We can include ANY statistics in a virtual environment created up to your data, as easy as you include your statistics and analytics in any deployment environment.

The user can select:

  • a 3D Point, a surface or a cube with the interactivity devices of the deployment UX platform
  • the type of data to monitor
  • the parameters to visualise through a 3D Interaction device of menu

and finally, view the data analytics within the virtual interface. 


In-situ Data Experiences – our vision

Our vision is to create a set of innovative tools combining state of the art technologies in 3D Data Processing, Visualization, Smart Glasses and Internet of Things. content will be augmented up to the real-world view on top of the physical environment and to its precise geolocation.

Future applications will provide a new user experience to scientists and professionals, e.g. a user located on a ship, is wearing the smart glasses to see the level of eutrophication of the waters around him in high resolution, the algae, the bathymetry of the area, the ocean currents, the pollution indicators visualized properly in-situ up to the surface of the real sea.