Immersive Earth Observation

Explore the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality to your Earth Observation Data using state of the art tools and technologies for the User Experience


View insides of your data in an Innovative Spatial Environment using interactive real time tools

User Experience

Provide impressive lifelike experiences to your end data users derived directly from your Geospatial Datasets, IoT Sensors, Field Sensing Devices

Deploy everywhere

Deploy your Immersive Data Experiences to any desktop and mobile Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality platforms seamlessly 

Θέαση in Greek,
enjoying the view

Earth Observation with VR/AR/MR

Data Driven User Experiences

Real Time Analytics and Visualization

Get ready for the next User Experience Revolution

We prepare your geospatial data and tools for the Immersive Experiences Era


“Immersive technology (XR), that includes Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality  will be the greatest ever revolution of the User Experience (UX)”, 

Forbes, 2017

“Global AR & VR revenues will grow from $4.1 billion in 2016 to $79 billion by 2021″

VR/AR Global Summit, 2018


  • High Resolution Earth Observation Data (< 10m) due to new Satellites and Ecosystems like Sentinel
  • Evolution of Game Engines and Graphics Technologies
  • Hardware and Software Platforms for Immersive User Experiences like VR Headsets, Smart glasses, AR platforms, etc

Immerse with us

With our knowledge of 3D Graphics, Computational Geometry and Virtual Environments

Our Team

Cotheta is founded by a team of scientists with more than 20 years of involvement in Research Development and Innovation projects funded by the European Union, top European Industries, European Space Agency, with focus in 3D graphics and Virtual Reality, Computational Geometry, Robotics and real-world applications of AR/VR Technologies in Cultural Heritage, Automotive, Education, Environment, Virtual Medicine, etc.

Our expertise

  • Earth Observation and Copernicus
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Computational Geometry and 3D
  • Spatial Analytics

About Theasi has been proposed as an initial idea in Copernicus Accelerator  Ecosystem, targeting a platform that can read, pre-process and automatically load any Copernicus Earth Observation data to a location aware 3D Virtual Reality environment

Our early demos planned for Unity3D as basic platform and with pilot deployment adopted to VR/AR Headsets like HTC Vive, MS Hololens and Oculus Rift.

The Copernicus Masters is an international competition that awards prizes to innovative solutions, developments and ideas for business and society based on Earth observation data, organised by AZO on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and with strong support of world-class EO and Space Technologies partners.

We create

custom solutions

tailored to your data and customers needs,

automating your service transition

to the

Immersive Reality Era

Who can benefit 

A growing number of Earth Observation and Geospatial Ecosystem companies in marineclimate changeemergency management, land and urban monitoring, can benefit by B2B dedicated solutions:

  • Commercial Earth Observation Hubs
  • Remote Sensing and Earth Observation  Application Developers
  • Geospatial visualization and simulation professionals and companies
  • Engineering companies like sea exploration, oil and gas, road construction, etc.
  • Environmental agencies, Universities, Researchers, etc.